About Us

FBeE is short for "Full-Body exercise Equipment".

Our story is a fairly typical startup story. We were not happy with an existing product, then found ways to improve it. After many experiments we are finally ready to share our innovations with the world.

Our design inevidably reflects our own needs and life styles. We are ordinary folks, and never inspired to really compete in a sport, but daily exercise is a necessity to us like food and water. However, busy at work and family obligations have prevented us from spending long hours at gyms, so we set certain criteria for our designs, such as

  • Providing efficient full-body cardio exercises;
  • Easy to use at any time and for any duration;
  • Low impact and safe

The FBeBike (Full-Body exercise Bike) is our first product. We are also excited for the next product we are working on, which is a treadmill of a different concept.

Our mission is to provide people with easier and more enjoyable ways of exercise.

Our hometown

* If you live in Seattle area and want to try out the FBeBike, please email to pj@fbebike.com to set up an appointment.

15300 Redmond-Woodinville Rd NE
Woodinville, WA 98072

As compulsive inventors, we have created other innovative products over the years. Some of them can be found at:


FBeBike along with other brands belongs to Exceller LLC.