This cardio doesn't just burn calories. It strengthens your back.

Exercise on FBeBike

FBeBike = Plank + Bike

Why FBeBike ?

Our spine holds our entire body together and it is completely surrounded by back muscles. When these muscles are weak, the spine will be stressed, thus long sitting may cause back pain. Back muscles also give power to other parts of the body and play a major role in all functions. Therefore, strengthening our back is vitally important.

FBeBike is a new kind of recumbent bike that has a rotating back rest allowing a user to plank while biking. The back-strengthening planking is dynamic as legs pedal; and the biking is intensive due to the body weight. The rotating back rest also allows the FBeBike to be used as a regular recumbent bike. In fact, a user can alternate between plank-biking and sit-biking. The alternation and the intensity of exercise keep the user not feeling bored. In addition, during the plank-biking, the user's body is naturally expanded, thus feels good. In short, the FBeBike is a cardio equipment, you will want to use every day even though you may have other favorite exercises -- because it strengthens your back.

How It Works ?

Rotating back rest

image of rotating back rest

For sit-biking

image of sit-bike

For plank-biking

image of plank-bike

A user can sit-bike for a few seconds, and then rise to plank-bike for a minute or two before lowering back down to the sit-biking for another round of exercise -- one round can send your heart racing, and 5 will make you sweat already. The easy transition between the sit-biking and the plank-biking is made possible by a rotating back rest.

  • Efficient
  • Easy
  • Expanding

* US and international patents pendding.


Manual 8-level magnetic resistance control

Slidable seat for easy adjustment for users of different height

High quality seat and back rest for comfort and durability

12 lbs flywheel

Maximum user weight capacity: 225 lbs

Recommanded user height: 4'10" - 6'4"

Net/gross weight: 80/90 lbs

image of rotating back rest
image of sit-bike
image of plank-bike